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OMG!!! My 9 year old HF ASD, ADHD, ODD, SPD is playing happily in his room for past half hour while I cook dinner in the kitchen!!!! This is a bloody miracle! For 9 years I have had to shadow this child AND he’s rarely ever played with toys. Normally only if we have a visitor to look at them with him. Aaaagghhhh I am seeing amazing daily gains

Me again! I just posted a few days ago looking for encouragement. I didn’t think the protocol was working anymore. Several of you gave me great suggestions that prompted me to take a step back and think about things. I read the book further as I was only a few chapters in. I realized that I’ve been giving my son way too much inulin and fish oil for his age, and I wasn’t aware that I needed to be checking labels of food products for omega 6! The past two days I scaled back and the stimming decreased drastically and I feel like he’s had great days overall! Besides your typical toddler behaviors! I’m feeling refreshed and encouraged! Posting a video of him from today, I think he has been discreetly trying to learn the alphabet! (He’s nonverbal and behind in all areas of language)

Been on protocol for about a month and a half with our 7 yr nonverbal daughter. We started a week or two after school went on summer break. Daughter went back for summer session last week. Her teachers (same ones for last 3 years) today told me they couldn’t believe how much she was babbling and saying now. Teacher said she was saying every word out of a picture book and multiple syllables. We’ve been anxious to see if they would notice any changes. This morning (5am) she was trying to pull me out of bed and said “Daddy”…”up”…and then “no” when I tried to go back to sleep. She accidentally spit out some water out this evening and then came to us and said “bucket”….What we get for the kids when they are puking….but its been months since we’ve needed one!

In a few months, my 4 1/2 year old son has gone from having several seizures every day (no meds working), horrible ataxia where he couldnt even crawl at worst w/o falling, aggressive behaviour, non verbal, adhd etc etc to now only one or two seizures a months, walking, RUNNING, much better behaviour, starting to say a few words and much better communication skills. His EEG showed great improvement on the background activities as well. Our neurologist can hardly believe the improvements he made and want to try this protocol on other children as well!! This is huge since they told us a year ago that his unnormal stools had nothing to do with his symptoms Cant even express how grateful we are for this protocol It has literally been a life saver for our whole family! Of course, we have a long way to go and its been many ups and downs but cant wait to see what’s next. Warm regards from Sweden!

I’ve been crossing my fingers for long enough. Can I just jump up and down and scream about how happy I am? I read about this protocol about a month ago. I have been giving my son inulin and omega 3’s for at least the past 2 years, just not at the levels that the protocol suggests. We have had incredible progress over the past two years- but what I have seen in the past 2 weeks since we increased it to the full dose, and just the past 2 days even. It’s nothing short of a miracle. My sweet boy threw away his pacifier! He doesn’t carry around giraffe and monkeys all day. It’s like he matured years over night. And today we drove by the school where he went to head start- 3 years ago, he was there for 2 months and we left because it was horrible. He said mommy- I went to school there. I said yes you did, he said I remember the kids were mean, a girl in a red shirt pushed me off the gym and I broke my arm. OMG- yes he broke his arm and the teacher told me that he was running and fell. He has never talked about it, we drive past that school every weekend on the way to my moms. And he is sooooo much more loving. I mean crazy loving. Dr. Nemechek- thank you! From the bottom of my heart. Thank you! You didn’t try to sell me guru crap, you didn’t make me watch a 30 minute video just to pay 19.95 for an Ebook. You just gave me free information and amazing results.

I’m excited to say my 9 year old daughter who usually mimics, recites scripts from shows or just says one word has said a complete sentence today all on her own!!! We were at a party and some kids went into the pool. She was on her iPad and was watching them. She cracked up laughing as they jumped in and splashed. I asked her “what do you see?” And she replied, “they’re swimmin in the pool”. Then when we got home she says, “I want swimmingmmy in the pool”. complete 5/6 word sentences all on her own!!!! Very small gain but I’m excited over it!!! Normally, she would have just said “pool” or “I want pool”. She also was on the swings and stopped. She said, “wash my hands”. So that’s what we did. We washed her hands!

We have only been following the protocol for about 2 weeks and the amount of gains is amazing! My son who had very little single word language mainly just naming objects and turns 3 in a few days is answering yes and no questions! He responds to his name by saying ya or what. Is making his requests known by saying I want…. whatever it is he wants. And using 3 word sentences!! His receptive cognitive skills have significantly improved as well. Before the only thing I could tell him to do was get his shoes to go bye bye now if I ask him to bring me his cup or give me a toy or throw this away please he actually listens and understands what I’m saying and does it! This is huge before he would just zone out or look at me with a blank stare. I can see the fog lifting. His tantrums and hyperactivity is increasing though, but I know this is a sign of him becoming more aware. I’m so grateful for finding this group!!

My 82 year old MIL has face-picking disorder (related to OCD). For YEARS her face has been covered in sores that get infected. Doctors said there was nothing they could do. Nothing we tried worked. It’s a notoriously stubborn behavior. After 3 weeks on the N protocol…her face is 100% clear!!!! I never, EVER thought I would see the day!!!!

With tears, I want to tell everyone that Ava’s ATEC score is 31!!! When she first regressed it was 115! What a miracle! Autism is Medical, Autism is Treatable!! Recovery is Possible! Here is the link for everyone to use to track progress! I redo Ava’s every 3 months or so! But shes been doing so well, I wanted to check it again!!! I could never thank Dr Nemechek enough for his valuable information and suggestions!!! We love you Dr N!!

You guys my son is non longer non-verbal, he’s no longer preverbal. My son is TALKING!!! No it’s not the best and most is really hard to understand but he has words and uses them meaningfully and spontaneously. He says helicopter up and apple juice and NO! He says no a lot lol, I’m arguing with my kid!!! This is awesome!!!! His mood swings have been terrible and he’s throwing tantrums again but if this is the 1 step back part I’m in heaven!! I can’t wait to see the next two steps forward. My son is going to be a talker!!! Only you here will understand how huge this is for mom!!
Edited to add
His receptive language is off the charts he understands everything I’m saying now, go get your shoes he gets them, turn off the light, done. Wash your hands, he freaking washes them!! It’s so awesome!! He’s playing games in fact he kicked my butt at candy land 3 times last night. HES PLAYING A GAME!! He even learned (all by himself) to strap himself into the car seat. Omg!!

I just wanted to encourage others out there in regards to this protocol. All 3 of my children have had various degrees of issues and some of those issues since birth. Specifically speaking of my daughter who at about the age of 3 (after surgery to put tubes in her ears and was on over 8 antibiotics series her first year plus full vaccinations) began what I what call serious longstanding tantrums and sensory issues. Yet she was still extremely intelligent so I felt things were ok. I would research Aspergers and I feel she would of received that diagnosis if I would of had her tested. Then at age 7 began a very scary downward spiral consisting of OCD, Anxiety and major rages. We tested for Pandas and Lyme but all negative. I’m not convinced the doc we went to though tested this properly. The only thing that got me through this terrible time was my faith in Christ and Burbur by Nurtramedix. After several tests Yeast and bacteria did show up, specifically Clostridia bacteria. I knew with her, she was driven by the bad bacteria. Some probiotics made it much worst and then others would help for awhile but then would backfire after a period of time; probably due to an overgrowth of a certain strain in the probiotic. After starting this protocol over 2 months ago we have had zero rages and zero OCD issues. Completely gone. She laughs and I’ll hear her singing in her room. She cares about her appearance now and is gentle to her brothers. It is the most amazing miracle ever. Thanks so much Dr. Nemechek. I pray your protocol gets out to those dealing with Pandas, Lyme and the other spectrum disorders. My other two children are not improving as quickly but with their various issues but I see many improvements. Slow and steady. Thanks be to God!

Almost a week on 1/4tsp of Inulin and something great happened today!!! Ava requested a sandwich, she was watching her brother eating his PBJ! So I pulled out the gluten free bread and put some organic jelly on it! She held it and looked at it, but wouldn’t taste it! Then tonight, she requested some of his chicken nuggets! Then she said, Mommy feed me these! So I did, and she ate them! She ACTUALLY ate them! Now, they were not gluten free but I was so happy she ate them! She has not eaten anything different in over two years! I’m so happy and hope she doesn’t react to the gluten! She’s mimicking her twin brother and requesting new things! These are huge gains, ABSOLUTELY HUGE GAINS! So happy tonight!!!

55 days into this protocol and my daughters OCDS and anxiety is getting less and less!! These are two of her most debilitating symptoms of Autism and they are vanishing little by little everyday!! We stayed at 1/8 tsp of Inulin for 47 days and have moved up to a 1/4 now! She has had some very rough days as things were changing inside her but now we are reaping all the rewards! Stay Strong, Stay the Course! RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!!!!!

My DS 3 (4 in August) has been on the protocol since the first week of May. I wanted to share a little of our story to give some of you a little hope and to express gratitude to this group for all their knowledge and advice. He has only been officially diagnosed with global developmental delay with his communication skills being the furthest behind of all the developmental areas. He has been in OT and ST since he was 11 months old and we’ve seen a multitude of specialists. Thus far, there is no known cause for his delays. The first 7-8 wks of the protocol, we noticed great gains in words he could say and how engaged and aware he was becoming. His behaviour was out of control though. He was totally unable to control his emotions and started stimming and eloping which was really scary. We kept on with the protocol because we were seeing gains every day. Today, everything we thought he was gaining was validated. Every 6 months, he has an evaluation by his speech therapist. His last evaluation he scored the equivalent of 1 year 5 months in expressive speech and 1 year 6 months in receptive speech. Today’s results showed he had gained 4 months in expressive speech and 10 MONTHS in receptive speech!!!! HOLY COW!! We’ve never seen more than 1-2 months of growth per evaluation period. His behavior also started to calm down a few weeks ago and we have more good days than rough ones. His naps are also becoming more consistent. The 6 month evaluation for OT will start in the next week or so. I’m kinda like a kid waiting for a Christmas morning to get those results, lol!

Acknowledging the good with the not so good. We just had a bit of a meltdown which happens and at the least has lasted for a few days in the past. Well… here’s the good! Literally 11 minutes into her meltdown she got up off the floor and followed my original directions of going into her room. No head banging, no holes in the wall, no throwing things. You guys this never happens this way for us. I just want to cry from joy right now and honestly don’t even Know how to react. I’m so so grateful that I have this group to share with. Update! I approached my daughter because I wanted to acknowledge her (in my eyes perfect) response. In the past if she wasn’t ready I would be shut out with no eye contact. My daughter VERBALIZED that she wasn’t ready to talk to me! Holly cow, somebody pinch me! I’m just an emotional ball of happy right now.

I wanted to give you all a quick update. I started my daughter on the recommended fiber the very next day after I found this wonderful group which was about 4 days ago. She had a couple of days of constipation but that ended yesterday with (in her words) one big miraculous dump Last night, at age 17, my angel baby climbed into bed with me to cuddle her way through a panic attack. This is the same kid I’ve always had to ask before touching. This morning she came in my room cheerful and full of conversation. She said ” I feel good mom! Is it the fiber!?” I’m blown away at what that little gummy has done to change our lives. I am so excited to keep moving forward. Thank you everyone for your help and support.

For those seeing behavior increase like stimming ect and are thinking maybe I should give up I was just there it has been like a Rollercoaster in a way. We see great gains for a bit then some hard times but each time the gains come it’s even better it’s like right before he is fixing to make a break thru we see the behavior so now I’m looking at it like hmm few bad days bring it cause it know great days are coming! We are about 7wks in seeing wonderful gains all along the way with more eye contact and words also seen not the best behavior in between each big gain. Well we (hubby and I ) decided to up the dosage on Nordic natural dha to 3/4tsp well the past 3 days wow my son has been amazing talking, answering us, picking toys up! We went to chuckee cheese today my mom my oldest nt age 6 and my youngest 4.5 and I normally when we have went he hasn’t really been interested like his older brother and sometimes had to leave cause he would have melt down not today he had a BLAST and when I say that I mean it all smiles giggles climbed and rode everything played most of the games was actually present followed direction no running off no screaming crying just 2 happy brothers doing everything together!






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